We are a technology developer and provider of proprietary, licensable audio watermarking and acoustic fingerprinting software solutions. This is a home of Audio Watermarking Tools (AWT) and Audio Fingerprinting Tools (AFT) — robust forensic audio & sound watermarking, steganography and acoustic fingerprinting software solutions and services based on a proprietary patented* DSP technology.

Our solutions provide ways to put distribution of audio content under control, prevent piracy, back-trace and authenticate recipients, digitally license audio content, embed and hide digital data for forensic purposes, track and monitor live broadcasts, enforce digital rights, recognize music, deduplicate audio content and more. Read more details...

Audio back-tracing and authentication
Audio watermarking
Over-the-air sound signaling
Anti-piracy protection
Broadcast monitoring
Secure music distribution
Watermarked delivery
Data over sound
Real-time streaming SDK
Watermarking SAAS
Digital licensing and DRM
Acoustic steganography
Acoustic fingerprinting
Live channel detection
Acoustic de-duplication
Music recognition

— Digital audio watermarking allows to embed (hide) secret digital signature into acoustic content imperceptibly and inaudibly so that this data cannot be removed without damaging the original audio quality. The embedded inaudible information can be retrieved and used to verify authenticity of the audio content, identity of its owners or recipients, or serve as event trigger.
— Acoustic fingerprinting is a signal processing technique allowing identification, matching and comparison of audio recordings based on their compact digital acoustic fingerprints (“acoustic hashes”).