AWT5 Now Supports Time-Accurate Event Triggering and Device Time Synchronization

We are pleased to introduce two new practical features to AWT5, enhancing its functionality in audio watermarking.

1. Triggering Events with High Timing Accuracy: AWT5 has been updated to include a specialized mechanism for “trigger events.” This feature allows for the precise decoding of a payload encoded in a digital watermark at a predetermined moment in an audio stream. It activates a predefined action or reaction at the exact required time. Built on the core watermarking functionality of AWT5, this new mechanism ensures that events are triggered with a high degree of temporal accuracy. The new capability enables improved interactive experiences by triggering actions at specific times.

2. Device Time Synchronization via Audio Stream: We have also integrated a feature that enables AWT5 watermarks to embed timestamps into an audio stream. This enhancement is designed to facilitate the synchronization of devices. For example, a listening device, such as a smartphone, can now accurately synchronize with audio from a playback source, like a television, by extracting these timestamps. As the playback device broadcasts watermarked audio, the listening device can decode these timestamps, aligning exactly with the broadcast time. This functionality improves synchronization between devices, making it a practical addition for various applications.

These new features are a step forward in our ongoing efforts to improve AWT5’s capabilities. We invite you to explore how these updates can benefit your audio watermarking needs.

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