Major AWT2 Technology Update announces a major update of its AWT2 audio watermarking technology, v0.14.01.

  • New default “medium capacity” mode (expanding the existing “normal” and “high” capacities); the new mode provides the most optimal balance between watermark transparency, robustness and data-rate
  • New type of checksum used in the raw (low-level) watermark payload, providing significantly improved robustness and lower error rate
  • The encoder now supports audio stream watermarking directly from command line / console. It can take PCM audio stream from the standard input (stdin) and send encoded (watermarked) audio data to the standard output (stdout), real-time.  
  • Completely rewritten decoder with improved detection accuracy and smarter decoding logic
  • Presets of settings optimized for different types of audio content and offering different
  • Completely rewritten SDK, now with native stream decoding and stream encoding functionality

Details and more information at

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