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AWT5 adds support for ultrasonic signaling

Introducing the next generation of AWT5 audio watermarking technology. AWT5 now supports both the audible frequency range and ultrasonic signaling, providing unmatched flexibility and versatility. With AWT5, you can transmit information over both the audible and ultrasonic frequency ranges while maintaining the integrity of the original audio signal. Moreover, with ultrasonic signaling capabilities, you can now transmit information without audible audio, via “silent” sound waves. AWT5’s new capability replaces AWT3’s ultrasonic signaling and takes it to a whole new level.… >>> Click to read the full post...

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Major AWT2 Technology Update

AudioWatermarking.info announces a major update of its AWT2 audio watermarking technology, v0.14.01.

  • New default “medium capacity” mode (expanding the existing “normal” and “high” capacities); the new mode provides the most optimal balance between watermark transparency, robustness and data-rate
  • New type of checksum used in the raw (low-level) watermark payload, providing significantly improved robustness and lower error rate
  • The encoder now supports audio stream watermarking directly from command line / console. It can take PCM audio stream from the standard input
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