AWT5 — new watermarking solution in the AWT family

AudioWatermarking announces availability of its new audio watermarking and signaling solution — AWT5.

Audio Watermarking Tools 5 (AWT5) is an audio trigger and watermarking solution especially designed for reliable far-field over-the-air digital signaling. AWT5 applications include “second screen” synchronization, interactivity and interaction via sound, “kick-shopping”, distant triggering, events initiation, and other applications implying transmission of digital codes over-the-air by means of acoustic sound waves. AWT5 is based on a unique and fully proprietary technique of hiding data inside acoustic audio content. AWT5 codes reliably withstand transmission over the air (from loudspeakers to microphone), lossy audio coding (e.g. MP3, Youtube) and room reverberations (e.g. living rooms, halls). AWT5 triggering occurs with high timing accuracy. AWT5 replaces AWT2 in applications requiring reliable over-the-air detection, AWT5 also replaces AWT3 in applications implying transmission of lossy-compressed sound over the air (e.g. FM radio, TV broadcasts, YouTube, etc.).

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